I have read with dismay several posts regarding Branch Electoral Committees being dissolved by the NBA President and the appointments of caretaker committees by the national body. Even more worrisome are some directives coming from the national office attempting to alter, misinterpret and even try to rewrite our NBA Bylaws. I mean who would imagine that we had a constitution that allowed the national executives to sit down and decide that instead of 5 meetings to qualify, it should now be 3. The most recent is the setting up of appeals committee for Branches by the national EXCOS. Its a joke really….ARE WE NOT LAWYERS?

These NBA Appeals Committee are set up pursuant to what provision of the NBA bylaws if I may ask?

I do not think that national officers should engage with the branches this way. There are many interests and just because I am not a member of a particular branch doesn’t mean I am objective. The legal profession is a small community where every lawyer knows at least those they went to law school with. Take me for instance can you really say I could be objective? I have classmates who are members in over 60 different NBA branches and they know others in different branches as well.

I took a look at the election Appeals Committee and saw a member that I would not even recommend for a Branch Committee position so what does that tell us?

I urge the current NBA national leadership to focus on rounding up their tenure, give the YLF the Covid Palliatives and just stay clear of the Branches in this election period. The courts are there for anyone who feels it is his right to run NBA in the Branches or is it by force? Is it not a 2 year service?

Those lawyers writing petition to the national, after you submitted to the authority of your branch EC, you find yourself disqualified, that’s when you now know that the Branch EC was not well constituted? If you are disqualified and you feel it was done in error and feel so strongly about the error simply go through the process. There must be an end to conflict, writing to the national to illegally dissolve the electoral committee so that you can have your name on the ballot is simply a selfish and self centered move [my opinion]

NBA Ikorodu had 2 different caretaker committees in 2018, we conducted elections twice and those who won won..Today, 22 months later, we have a new EXCO so what was all the fight for?

National Executives should stop complicating matters. Anyone who is not satisfied with what his branch has done should move to another branch or go to court or simply stay away or wait and maybe one day, you will get that NBA title ….. In all this YOU CAN STILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE AS A MEMBER OF NBA ….JUST TAKE A LOOK AROUND YOU…..every lawyer is a POTENTIAL LEADER…..ASK US IN IKORODU!

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