In view of the state of affairs amidst the global scare of the COVID -19, It has become pertinent for us to arrange a PLAN-B towards the collation of the 2019 Batch ‘B’ bio data forms.

We also have to be very proactive, plan ahead and well armed as the events unfold but, we should not be caught unawares.

With the exigency of time and situation at hand, the following steps have been introduced for the process.

The 2019 Batch ‘B’ corps members are to forward soft copies of their passport photographs on CRESTED vest to their various CDS WhatsApp group chats with full name and state code number.

The CDS presidents of the various CDS groups are to collate all the passport photographs of their CDS members and forward to the CLO (Corps Liaison Officer).

The CLO of each Local Government Area is to collate the bio data from all the CDS groups of the LGA.

The whole passport photographs of the LGA collated is therefore, burnt into a disc and submitted to the L.G.I. (Local Government Inspector).

The L.G.I will in turn, submit the disc to the office of PRO for onward processing.

Head, Public Relations Unit.

In addition to the PLAN B collation process of the 2019 Batch “B” bio data, the following matters should be also be considered :

(A) The collation process is for 2019 Batch “B” Streams I & II Corps members.

(B) A green background for the passport photograph is most appropriate. 

(C) All the passport photographs should either be burnt on a disc or flash

(D) The disc or flash should be submitted to the office of the Local government Inspector for onward processing. 

Please note this that;

(E) The deadline for submission of the disc/flash is dated by 30th April, 2020.

Please share this message to whom it may concern.


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