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Today we celebrate the great love from our Lord Jesus Christ, who offered himself to redeem the entire world. Today is Good Friday instead of gloomy Friday.

We are being called to donate to the world the LOVE of Christ who was selfless in his love for us.

We specially thank the Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria ably led by His Grace, Most Rev. Dr. Augustine Akubeze, for all their support to our country Nigeria especially the donation of the use of more than 430 Catholic hospitals and clinics towards the alleviation of the medical needs of our country.

While calling that the Federal Government should reciprocate by kitting the hospitals with the necessary safety gadgets to avoid endangering the lives of health workers in the hospitals, we call on all people of good will to demonstrate same act of love.

We have also noticed that many Catholic Parishes and indeed many organizations including the NBA, NACL et al are all looking out for the less privileged and hard hit members especially in this period of the shut down and imposed family isolation, we commend them for these good works.
We in particular commend the government for approving various funds to assist the most vulnerable members of the society however in view of the fact that most of the functionaries of the government may not be as committed as the intent of the policy, we advise that the government urgently design the assistance in such a way that monies are disbursed through bank accounts of beneficiaries for accountability and or partnering with credible religious organizations.

We enjoin all those involved in the distribution of the palliatives to have the fear of God and to take note of the fact that they would some day account for how they have distributed these palliatives.

Finally, we advice that students use this moment of isolation to study the Bible and Koran very well especially the areas that emphasize hard work, equality, fairness and less violence while they read their normal books also.

Once more, we urge all to stay safe, respect the rules and regulations imposed by the government, wash your hands regularly, eat food that improves your immune system etc as these are meant to protect all of us and not for selfish reasons.

Thank you all as we all comply.

Chukwuma Ezeala
National Association of Catholic Lawyers, Nigeria
10th April, 2020.

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