The Revolution Starts with You .By :Miss Ohwofasa nyero Theresa.

The Revolution Starts with You .By :Miss Ohwofasa nyero Theresa.

Revolution means a violent change of Government ,that has its attendant consequences.

The French Revolution of 1789 ,which is a locus classicus on Revolutions in the World ,which provided a quote by French King ,King Loius ×iv, who once said :

“I am State and the State is me “,

came with what scenarios which were captured by a philosopher thus :

“The Children of the Revolution are consumed by the Revolution and the Revolutionaries outwit each other “.

The real revolution is when we change our attitude about life .You change the world, when you do the right thing.

When you wake up in the Morning ,make your bed ,sweep your room and do the right thing.
When you drive ,keep to traffic Rules and follow established guidelines in your work and life .

Do the right thing in your daily routine and you will be shocked how you can change the World.

Sometimes, we criticize Government and its Policies and when we get close to Government, we do worse and even take the perceived impunity further.

We can revolutionize our Country ,if we insist on doing the right thing .
We can start from our domestic routine.

It was the former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair that said :

“Leadership sometimes is all about no ,not all about saying yes “.

Say no to the wrong things and routines and say yes ,to the right.
Our Leaders should do the right thing ,especially in the circumstances of the prevading Coronavirus.
Care for the poor ,the needy and the less privileged.Provide palliative for the poor and strengthen our health system.

The Revolution starts with you and your family.
Do the right thing .
Posterity will judge you rightly or wrongly.
The decision is yours .

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